Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cochlear Implant - is this something Ellie will benefit from??

This week Ellie had an appointment at The Cochlear clinic at the The Eye and Ear hospital to discuss if Ellie would benefit from a Cochlear Implant. This is something that entered our thoughts recently when Ellies hearing test came back with a severe to profound hearing loss, where as previously it was mild to moderate.

From our appointment this week we realised it is long process involving information sessions, hearing tests, hearing tests and possibly more hearing tests. MRI's & catscans, communication assessments etc.

So.... After sitting through an information session, providing a history of Ellie, and meeting a surgeon, we have been told that Yes a cochlear implant may possibly benefit Ellie. The first step is to start doing some hearing tests to get some more results to base this on... However as Ellies right grommit is not in any more, they are wanting to put this back in as she has alot of fluid behind her ear drum. This will prevent us from getting accurate hearing tests results.

Ellie is booked in for some eye surgery at The Royal Childrens hospital on the 3 June, so we asked the surgeon if we could organise for the grommit surgery to be done on the same day to eliminate an anesthetic.

You would think this would be easy... but in reality it isnt. Ellies eye surgery is being done by a surgeon who doesnt normally operate at The RCH, however has got permision to operate on a Dr's list there.

The next issue is that the surgeon from the cochlear clinic also cannot operate at The RCH unless on another Dr's list. However Dr's at The RCH can only allocate slots to a certain amount of surgeons...Confused yet?!?!?!

Thank goodness one of Ellies wonderful doctors, receptionists is trying to co-ordinate all of this for me... Fingers crossed!!

To add another spannner in the works, we also asked if the Catscan and MRI could also be done on the same day.... again to elminate another anesthetic... To be honest.. I think this last request may prove to difficult, but again, fingers crossed.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Its been a bit longer than normal since my last post... life has just caught up with me, plus I havent been 100% ... Since my last post Ellie has started Bayside Special Development school. She is going every Tuesday and Thursday. At this stage she is staying there from 9am - 1pm, and we will slowly work up to her staying there for the normal time of 9am - 2:30pm.

The first day that I left her their, felt weird. I was excited, proud, sad, nervous, hesitant... But the teachers and helpers all made me feel at ease. They were so excited to have Ellie there... The first day I only left her their till 12pm. When I arrived back on the first day at 12pm to pick her up, Ellie didnt see me arrive. She was sitting in her pram with another little girl near the piano, whilst one of the teachers played the piano. Ellie was LOVING it, her head was shaking, her arms and legs were dancing... She had no idea I was there... Afer about 5 minutes, she turned around and saw me... she then gave me the biggest smile!!

Ellie seems to be really enjoying it...
The teachers just LOVE her...
Each day when I pick her up, they tell me all that she has done...

Today I was even told that Ellie was the 'best' in their morning circle, where they sing Good Morning....

All this positive stuff has made me feel very comfortable with leaving Ellie there... I love that Ellie is enjoying it, and over time making new friends!!

Lately we have also been practicing Ellies sitting. While we do this she has her leg wraps on, as these stabilise her. We start of with Ellie having a U-shaped cushion around her to support her, and make her feel safe. But over time she starts to sit up more and more, and rest on the cushion less and less... I even removed the cushion, I think without Ellie realising... and she still managed to sit... for longer than she ever has...

For some reason, I have always thought... "Will Ellie ever sit???""

I have to admit, sometimes I have had doubts.. Yes I always try to remain positive and think she will, but it is hard when sitting is a skill most kids start at about 6 months and Ellie is almost 3 yo and not sitting... I suppose I would like her to start seeing the world from a different view too... Anyway... check out the pics...!!