Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Monday, June 13, 2011

This little girl is gonna prove you wrong...!!

Ellie is amazing me at the moment... To be honest she has blown us away in the last 4 weeks. % weeks ago, sitting was still one of the things that ellie hated the most. Everytime I would try and get her to practice sitting, she would throw herself on the ground, wriggle and basically do anything to not sit....

Well...... 4 weeks ago this all changed. Ellie started to show a interest in sitting with her leg wraps on, and with cushions around her..

Fast forward to now and this is where we are at...

If you lightly touch her legs to give her support, she will do the biggest sit up and get herself into the sitting position and sit for up to a few minutes.

If she is on the floor, she is trying to go from lying to sitting, by doing the right moves and rolling onto her side and trying to push up on her arms.

Twice she has even turned herself to face the other way, all whilst sitting, all by herself...!!!

This girl is blowing me away... and im pretty sure, she will keep doing this in the years to come.

We were told that Ellie may not sit, walk, talk etc... all I can say is

Dr's... This little girl is gonna prove you all wrong...!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ellie eye surgery update

Yesterday Ellie was booked for eye surgery. We had to be at The RCH bright and early at 7am. Luckily enough Ellie was one of the first going in for surgery. We realised yesterday that sending Ellie in for surgery is harder now that she is older. She is more aware of things now, and that makes it hard.

After a chat with a nurse, surgeons registrar, and anaesthetist we sent Ellie in for her surgery, which was to take 1.5 hours. Luke went in with Ellie for the first part, where they put her to sleep with gas.

What surgery was done?
Ellie had surgery to remove a 12mm orbital implant. (This sits at the back part of her eye socket) and they put a bigger one in (16mm). The whole idea is that this will stretch out the back part/bones of Ellies eye socket, so we can fit a bigger glass eye in.

We were only in for half a day, and Ellie is doing quite well. She is quite a trooper when it comes to surgery. She doesnt seem to be in too much pain. Which is amazing, considering how swollen and purple her eye is.

Her eye lid is stitched closed, and she wont be able to wear her glass eye until she gets her new one, which will be 6-8 weeks, as her most recent glass eye now wont fit with the 16mm implant in.

She will have to see her surgeon in 2 weeks, to see how it is all healing up. She will then have to go back to The RCH in 5 weeks for a examination under anaesthetic as well as having a mould taken, so her new glass eye can be made.

As well as having her eye surgery yesterday, they also re-did Ellies grommits in her ears, as one had come out and one was not in the correct place. She had to have these re-done as she will be sitting some hearing tests in a few weeks as part of her assessment for a cochlear implant, and this will give more accurate results.