Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ellies new skill... we call her the "Bum Shuffler"

Ellie is continually amazing us lately...

4 months ago she learnt to sit independently.
She then learnt to turn around while sitting.
Most recently she can pull to stand if you hold her hands....

However the most exciting new trick she has pulled out of her bag is the "Bum Shuffle" No explanation needed, just check out the video below... There is no stopping this little girl..!!

Massive lack of updates... But alots being going on

First of all lets start with the first fundraiser that was held 2 weeks ago for 4P Aussie Kidz.
We set up 4P Aussie Kidz to not only raise awareness about Ellie's condition, Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS), but to also raise money. Money to assist families in Australia who also have children with WHS. The money raised will go towards buying equipment that WHS children may require, such as standing frames, walking frames, car sets, etc....

The first fundraiser night was a LONG time in the planning.. We have been thinking about for about 1 year, but been planning and organising it since May this year, so 6 months or so.

The night was a massive success.. we had about 140 people attend. I spent allot of the night looking around and thinking... WOW... We did this...!! It was a very overwhelming night. I was overwhelmed by all the people that attended, the generosity of people and the success of the night. We had 81 silent auction items, which all sold & 14 live auction items, again which all sold. We also had the pleasure of giving away heaps of prizes, and raffles... Allot of people walked away with great gifts..!!

A MASSIVE Thank You to all who were involved, helped and attended on the night.. The night wouldn't have been as successful as it was, without you..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A night at our local Rotary

Last night Luke, Ellie and I had the pleasure of being invited as 'guest speakers' at our local Rotary. I was so excited about this... !!

Excited about making more people aware of Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS)
Excited about making more people aware of 4P Aussie Kidz
Definately not excited about doing my talk..

I was told I had 3o mins.. Are you serious?? 30 minutes. I was worried I couldnt even fill 10 minutes.

A few days earlier, I had a phone conversation with a lovely lady from Rotary, asking me what I was going to talk about. I said, I was going to talk about Ellies condition and our charity 4P Aussie Kidz... She said great, but maybe it would be good to talk about your pregnancy, Ellie being born, how you felt when she was born, her diagnosis, her first year etc etc etc...

Easy enough said, and it looked easy enough on paper..

I know Ellie, I know WHS, I know our life... so that part was easy to talk about. I went really well up until the point where I re-lived Ellies first 1.5 hour long seizure....

I lost my breath...I froze... I felt the tears welling in my eyes... It brought back all those feelings, thoughts, and fears...

After a moment, I collected myself, and continued... and I continued on and on.. I actually think I did end up talking for 30 minutes.

I was so happy with how it went. The message we got across was about informing people about Ellie, her condition and 4P Aussie Kidz... and even though our life is sometimes hard, and yes the first year is a bit of a blur... we are thankful for Ellie, thankful for her determination, thankful for her headstrong attitude, thankful for her humour, but overall we are thankful for the joy that she brings our lives...

Everyone at Rotary was very interested in the information that we provided, and were won over by Ellie...

We are very Thankfull to Dingley Rotary for their time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm Slack.... SORRY....! But I have new pic's

I just realized that it has been 2 weeks since I have posted on the blog... Sorry!!!

I have been flat chat with getting things sorted for our first fundraiser for 4P Aussie Kidz, which is on the 22 October. (less than 3 weeks away)

Ticket sales haven't been as good as what I thought they would be... I have put my heart and soul into 4P and this night. So it would be wonderful if any of you, my blog readers could come along to support this cause.

It will be a fun filled night, with heaps of awesome items up for auction. There will also be some fantastic raffle and door prizes. All money raised will go towards buying equipment for children with Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome. The same condition that our Ellie has.

If you want to buy tickets, please download and fill out the form by clicking on the link below

In the meantime here are some new pictures of our girl... Love these shots...!!!