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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lost for words...

Actually I am not lost for words... However the words I want to use would probably be deemed inappropriate in a public forum like Blogger.

OK, here it is. Today when I logged onto Facebook, there were quite a few posts going around about a family in America who have a beautiful little girl called Mia. Mia has Wolf Hirschhorn, like our Ellie.

Mia's family have been advised that she will require a life saving kidney transplant in the next 6-12 months. However her parents have been advised by Mia's Doctor of 3 years at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) that she cannot have the life saving transplant that she requires because she is 'Mentally Retarded'

The family even said that they didn't want Mia's name to go on the wait list, they were happy to be tested themselves and have their family members tested to see if anyone matched what Mia required.

They were told. "No, she is not eligible because of her quality of life, because of her mental delays"

What the hell...!!!

I could not imagine being told that because Ellie had a disability, because she is cognitively impaired, that because she has an intellectual disability (That's the PC way of saying it by the way CHOP) that she could not have a transplant that will SAVE HER LIFE....

These Dr's are playing God with this child and family.

Alcoholics get new livers, and I'm sure there are quite a few that still drink
Smokers get new lungs, but I'm sure that doesn't stop them all from smoking

But this beautiful little girl, who didn't choose her life..... who didn't choose to be born with Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome cannot get a life saving transplant, because she is labelled 'Mentally Retarded' and some Doctor at CHOP says so.

Now I am no legal or medical expert by any means, however this does not sound right...

It is not ethical
It is not moral
And most of all it is not HUMANE

CHOP... I am all the way down in Australia, can you beleive this story has reached us here... I hope the public outcry that is happening right around the world, makes you 'shiver in your boots' and rethink your decision.

Mia has the right to live...
Her family have the right to continue to enjoy her in their life...

A online petition has been started up, to get CHOP to allow Amelia the chance at having this life saving transplant. Please take the time to sign:

To read Mia's story told by her parents, please visit here:


  1. This is disgusting!

    It wouldn't happen in Australia!

  2. I just signed my name to this petition. The thought of someone not being entitled to a better life makes me ill.