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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eye surgery update

Its been just over 1 week since Ellie's eye surgery, where she had a Hydrophilic orbital implant inserted into her right eye socket. The surgery went well. We were in at the hospital at 7am and back home by lunch time. Ellie woke up pretty upset and agitated from the anaesthetic. This is something that is happening more with anaesthetics as she gets older.

I spoke to her eye surgeon about putting Ellie on antibiotics for the next 4 weeks whilst the expander is in, as last time Ellie had this procedure, her eye socket got so badly infected. He wasn't keen on putting her on AB's for such a long time. So the plan was to review Ellie 1 week after surgery to see how she was going, and then talk about putting her on AB's for the last of the 4 weeks.

We saw her surgeon last Wednesday and I had concerns over how red, inflamed and basically angry her eye looked. He agreed, so Ellie was put on AB's straight away to stop any infection or stop it getting worse. We go back to see him this week, to see if there is any improvement.

I have to admit I was shocked at the size of the implant. It is definitely allot bigger than last time, and its still going to expand over the next 3 weeks, until it is taken out.


  1. Oh Ellie, looks very sore!

    Violet has always been agro after GA's too :(

  2. Oh sweet girl! She is so beautiful! I am hoping the appointment goes well this week. Thinking of all of you.

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