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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Go away winter... cant wait for summer!!

Yep I am counting the days still summer!!! Ellie is still not 100%, it is now been 4 weeks that she has been sick. The other day after another morning of coughing and vomiting, I was at my wits end....

Decided to ring my peadiatrician, however he was on holidays.... another Pead at the Royal Childrens Hospital spoke to me, and I filled him in on the last 4 weeks and what had been going on with Ellie, such as the chesty cough, a wheeze here and there, lots and lots of coughing and in turn heaps of vomiting. Amongst all of this Ellie has also had 3 courses of antibiotics over the last 4-6 weeks. He offered to see Ellie last night at 7pm at The RCH. Not an ideal time... but we took what we were given.

He assessed her, he doesnt think it is asthma, he doesnt think it is bronchilitis, nor does he believe she is aspirating her milk/food. He couldnt really give us a clear answer as to what is causing this. However after a very thorough checkout, a suction of the nose to get mucus, and having blood taken we were sent home with some new antibiotics for Ellie. He will be checking again for whooping cough and another virus, (I think it started with 'P') Results will be back end of this week/early next week.

I am hoping these antibiotics do the trick, and that nothing nasty comes up from the other tests.

On a more positive note, Ellie is doing really well with her sitting at the moment. She still needs to be set up in the right postion by us, but she is maintaining the sitting position much longer. A few weeks ago you would sit Ellie down and she would just throw herself back, and wouldnt have a bar or sitting. However Ellies physio Trish gave me a great idea. Ellie loves vibrating toys, and she has what is called a vibrating snake. I have been wraping this around Ellies body as she sits and she holds onto it while it vibrates, this has given her a bit more motivation to sit for longer..... Yay!!

We are also off to Ellies ocularist this afternoon, he is a lovely french man who makes Ellies glass eye. If you remember Ellie was in hospital a few weeks or so ago and they took in impression of her eye socket. With this Patrick will make a new glass eye. We are really hopefull that it is somewhat bigger than the last, even if only by a few millimeters. Watch this space for photos!!


  1. I am so sorry that Ellie has been sick for so long. I hope that these new antibiotics do the trick. Way to go on the sitting. That is a great idea about the vibrating toy to keep her focused. Dylan has a problem with being distracted too easily and will throw himself back to look around. The pictures are adorable. I love her hair, so cute. Good luck with the new glass eye, I can't wait to see pictures. :)

  2. Hope the tests don't come back with anything nasty and the new AB's help Ellie.

    Great news on her sitting longer!

    Look forward to seeing her new glass eye soon.

  3. It's just not fair when our kids get sick. And especially when they are sick for so long. It takes them forever to put on some weight and periods like that are putting them back.
    I so much wish that Ellie recovers quickly from this, 4 weeks is more than enough!!!!
    Wonderful news around her sitting. I still remember Denise throwing herself back as soon as she was put in a sitting position! I was so frustrated! Our therapists kept saying that her reflux was not taken care of completely, and it was still bothering her... Who knows... I personally think that sitting is a HUGE milestone, and it takes some adjustment to the idea. But I'm sure that as soon as Ellie finds out how free her hands can be to play with toys - she will love it!
    Sending lots of love Ellie's and your way.

  4. Oh I'm so sorry she's been sick for so long. Hang in there.... Spring will come!

  5. I sit here typing while we are in a heatwave, so in some ways, I envy your cold weather a little bit. However, I sure wish Ellie wasn't still feeling so sick. I hope this new round of antibiotics does the trick and she is feeling better soon. Hooray on the sitting! That is one milestone that I cannot wait for Kaylee to reach.

  6. Yay on the sitting! I hope she is better soon. I was just saying today how it would be nice to have sunshine that actually felt warm!

  7. I hope Ellie is feeling better. I love the pictures, she looks so good sitting on her own!