Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ellie Update

Ellie has been doing really well at the moment, she hasnt met any new milestones, but she is slowly creaping closer to some. Lately when she is rolling around, she is getting her bum up quite high in the air, as if she is ready to crawl. Crawling is definately a long way off, but when she is in this position, if I help her with her hands and give her some encouragement, she actually lifts her head up from the ground by pushing up on her hands... This is massive!!!

We also saw Ellies dietician last week, and she is very happy with the 3 meals a day that Ellie is eating. She still wants us to keep her on formula, as she still isnt eating massive amounts of iron rich foods such as red meat. But she wants us to start giving more savoury meals at lunch to help this.

We are still working on trying to get Ellie to drink herself. Its not that its not going well, but its not going to great either. I just want Ellie to be as independant as possible, and hopefully able to drink and feed herself.

We also bought Ellie a friend, a 4 legged friend called Coco. I am hoping they grow up to be best of friends.

We also gave Ellie a hair cut recently, not a big one. We just had to tame the mullett that was forming and tidy the top... thank god she has a hairdresser for a mum.


  1. Look how happy Coco makes Ellie! Love it!

    Great to hear an Ellie update x

  2. She loves the puppy, doesn't she?? What a great idea to get her a little friend. They look so cute together! I love the hairstyle and the progress she's making! So exciting!

  3. Ahh, the first hair cut! What a bittersweet moment! She is doing amazing, I love to read the updates. And the puppy is so perfect for her, they look like friends already.

  4. Oh my goodness- that is the cutest little puppy I've ever seen, and it looks like Ellie just adores her. How wonderful! Keep smiling, Ellie, girl! xo

  5. Love the photos! So good to see you guys on Sunday. Only a few more weeks and we will see you again!! xox