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Monday, November 29, 2010

Wolf Hirschhorn catch up

On saturday afternoon, Luke, Ellie and I drove down to Ballarat to meet up with 3 other families who have children with WHS. What a great night we had, there were the Dridans and the Sheens all who we had met before and there were also the Doecke's who we hadnt met before. There was alot of talking, and sharing things about what I kids did, do or certain things that help our kids. There is real comfort in talking to other parents who have been where you are. There is a real bond through our children. This is something that I cherish

It was amazing to see the children who are all older then Ellie, and who do so well. Some sit, some walk, and some even talk.... all things that the medical world said our kids would never do. Its nice to see that these kids are proving all that wrong. I hope Ellie also proves them wrong too.

The night ended with some challenges on the Wii... lets just say I have never played the Wii before and need alot more practice

Thanks to Anna & David for having us and hosting such a fun night. Nights like these make me even more excited about the WHS conference in 2011 where we will get to meet more parents and kiddies alike.


  1. Here in the NJ/PA area, there is a group of moms (and dads) who get together regularly. I love our WHS get-togethers; there definitely is something empowering and reassuring about having that real connection with others who not just understand WHS but with whom you can truly bond. Next time you have to post some pictures!! :-)

  2. Sounds fantastic! So great to meet others who understand.

    The conference in 2011 sounds great too!

  3. So glad you guys could come up. It was an awesome night. See you all soon xoxo

  4. I am just a little jealous I couldn't join in, I would have even been happy to suffer through your weather lol! How great that you could all catch up and for the Wii the only game I play is basketball and I am pretty nifty!

  5. Breana - I so hope to meet you at the next WHS conference in 2011. Are you guys thinking of coming? P.s our weather that weekend was horrible, rain, thunder storms non stop : (