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It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CPEC Update

Its been almost 4 weeks since Ellie started at CPEC. Alot of friends and family have been asking;
"Is Ellie enjoying it?"
"Have you noticed improvements with her?"

To be honest if Ellie could talk, I dont think that Ellie would describe it as enjoyable right now. It is bloody hard!!! Physically hard for Ellie. Mentally and emotionally hard for me.

Yes I can see how that in the long term, what we are doing at CPEC will help Ellie, make her stronger, make her understand how to move and use her body and hopefully help her communicate. So yes there are positives, they will come with time.

But for now both Ellie and I come home exhausted. One of the hardest parts is when we are doing something physically hard with Ellie, and she crys. I do try and push her a little bit, as I dont want her to think that if she crys, that immediately we will stop. But.... How hard do you push her? As a mother it is very hard to push your child to benefit them, when they are crying...

However that aside... the therapists are lovely and unbelievably helpful and the other mums so lovely... I get a real buzz when we all celebrate a childs success, no matter how small.

Here are some photos of Ellie enjoying play time & lunch at CPEC.

Here are some other new pics of Ellie... ENJOY!!


  1. Mel, I think of you often and send you so much stength to just push through these crying hard times as I have no doubt of the huge benefits a place like Cpec will bring Ellie. That said make sure that if you are having a hard time, take a day of rest and take Ellie to the park and enjoy her and re-energise ox

  2. I used to push through the crying time to an extent. But I never pushed that hard. It is not worth it. Ryley could never tell me if it was hurting or if he was just too tired, so that was what I always kept in my mind. I would often walk out the door after a physio or OT session crying as much as Ryley was!!
    Just do what you think you both can manage and have a rest or say no if you think you need to.
    A GOOD professional should be able to recognise the time to stop pushing anyway!
    All kids develop in their own time NO MATTER what or how many opportunities they have or how hard they are pushed.
    From the photos, it looks like Ellie is getting some great sensory/fine motor experiences, and that seat will be doing great things for her muscles and strengthening her whole body!

    Like Bron said, take a day of rest if you need to. You wouldn't push a 'neurotypical' kid that hard without plenty of rest in between.

    She is looking so grown up though, and much stronger!!!

  3. It is very hard to know how far to push, especially when they are upset :(

    Thinking of you both x

  4. Sending lots of love and support your way!!

  5. Sending you strength to keep up the hard work!

  6. Our CPEC days were often ended by a visit to the Glen in our first year. I always felt we both deserved a treat for all our hard work. It will get easier. Ellie will enjoy what she does there once she realises more about how much it is helping her do what she wants to do.