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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ellie finally loves food (I wonder how long this will last)

I never thought this day would come, (and I am trying not to get too excited incase it all ends as quickly as it started) But Ellie for the last 3 days has decided that she LOVES food.

Those who know Ellie well, know that for most of the time she HATES food. In a normal day, Ellie would normally take 3-4 bottles, 1-3 tablespoons of food for breakfast and 1 tablespoon of food for dinner. (however Ellie would normally sceam all through dinner as she hated savoury food)

2 days ago, this all changed. She is now refusing milk most of the time and is wanting food. Yesterday she had 1 whole weetbix with cream for breakfast, 4 table spoons of vegies & gravy for lunch + custard, & then proceeded to enjoy dinner which again was 3 tablespoons of vegies and gravy. YIPPEE!!!!
Maybe this will now help my little munchkin gain some much needed weight.

For the other mums of kids with WHS I will gladly welcome any food ideas that you have tried and that were succesful.


  1. Melissa - you will have to talk to Hannah (Riley's mom). She give Riley avacado which is a great high-fat/calorie food and Riley loves it. Norrah hasn't liked it yet but I think little Riley would swear by it.

    Great news!!! Go Ellie!

  2. Riley will definitely vouch for the avocado. She loves it and it is one of the only solids she will eat. She also likes yogurt, cereal, and a few fruits. You can add brewer's yeast to cereal or yogurt for a protein punch and tahini (sesame seed butter) to yogurt for calories and protein. I'm so glad she is eating solids. Riley is also rejecting the bottle and wanting more solids.

  3. Hi Mel,
    I have been following little Ellie's story. Great to hear that she is starting to enjoy food and look forward to hearing of the 6kg mark. Myself and our Team from CPU (Kelloggs) wish you, Luke and Baby Ellie all the best for the christmas season and as the saying goes "From Little Things Big Things Grow"..
    Elizabeth H.

  4. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for following Ellies blog. Its nice to hear about who is following her story. THnaks for your christmas wishes... and I love the saying, every time I see that on a TV ad, I think of Ellie. All the best for christmas and the new year. Please pass on my wishes to the rest of the kellogs team. Take care, chat soon, Mel