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It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back into routine....

Yesterday we had Ellies first scheduled therapy for the year, this was for physio. Unfortunately we are loosing the PT that we had as she is going to work somewhere else, but yesterday she brought along Trish who will takeover from her, so yesterday session was a bit of a handover session and for Trish to see what Ellie has been doing and to discuss where she was at. I really appreciated this as I didnt really feel like starting what we were doing from scratch again. Following on from my new years resolutions in our next physio session in 2 weeks time, I plan to sit down with Trish and set some goals, that we both think may be acheivable and work out exercises to help us acheive these goals

In our session we tried using the arm and leg splints that we had made for Ellie, these are to be used whilst doing therapy to get her used to and to help her weight bear through her arms and legs. These are really important as Ellie used to weight bear through her arms for a short period of time before her seizures started, and now she cant really bear any weight in her arms, so these will help her get back to where she was.

Ellie is also rolling unbelievably well, she goes both ways, but sometimes gets her arms stuck and forgets that she has to move it, so she screams like crazy until she gets it right, it is a real sound of determination... She knows what she has to do, she is just still working out how to get her body to follow. It is great to watch her do this.

Tomorrow we are off to OT and I am going to work out some goals also with Bianca and ways to meet these.... wish us luck... this year is a new year, new things to learn, new things to do... for ellie that is, not me...


  1. Love Ellie standing up. She is so beautiful. It looks like she is doing well with her weight too, a little baby chunk on the arms is good to see! Hope therapy continues to go well. It is hard switching therapists but a new set of eyes can also be a good thing.

  2. she's great though! very determine girl.. really admire her courage! keep it up ellie!