Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meeting WHS Friends

Today we got to meet Anna and Ryley. Anna and I have spoken a few times, and have been in contact via facebook and our blogs. Its funny how even though we hadnt met in person, it felt as if I already knew her.

It was great to meet another WHS mum, and chat about issues and problems, good times and bad and they know EXACTLY what you are going through. Its also nice when in conversation about your child and what they are doing you dont feel like the odd one out, or the mum who cant join in that conversation because my child doesnt do that, or isnt there yet developmentally.

As most of you know I have battled for some time with Ellie and feeding and food in general and sometimes I get the guilts as sometimes the only thing Ellie will eat well is custard, so somedays she will have that twice a day... talking to Anna they battled the same thing with Ryley and yoghurt, so we are not alone...

Ryley, well he is just gorgeous... he was very taken by Ellie and kept wanting to hold her feet and hands or tickle them. He has a very cheeky smile, and wasnt so keen on posing for a photo with Ellie at first, but we convinced him in the end.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how I was thankfull for the new friends I had made (even though I hadnt met them yet) by having a WHS child.... Here is to new friends!!!


  1. Absolutely loved meeting you guys today! Hope we can catch up again soon!! And I totally agree that it feels like I have known you forever! Hope Ellie slept on the way home for you xxx

  2. YEa! Cute pictures! SO THANKFUL FOR FRIENDS!

  3. Hi Melissa, my name is Kristy and my son Dylan also has WHS. I think you might have commented on my blog before or I saw you on Norrah's. Anyways, I always like meeting other families with the same condition. I love all the pictures, Ellie is just adorable. How old is she? Dylan is now 11 months.