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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FIrst donation for 4P AUSSIE KIDZ

This is a bit of a delayed post, so sorry about that. At this start of the month, we were invited to a job where Luke had been working for about 1 year at Manningham Council.

Once a month Manningham Council have a happy hour on a Friday afternoon, where drinks and nibbles are provided, and every one makes a gold coin donation and money raised goes towards a charity of their choice.

For the October happy hour, their charity of choice was 4P AUSSIE KIDZ

We were so happy that they chose our group to make a donation too. Luke, Ellie and I went along to the happy hour. I had the opportunity to speak about Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome and how it effects our kiddies, I also spoke about about where we are at in the process of setting up 4P AUSSIE KIDZ, how we aim to raise money and also what this money will go towards.

There was such a positive reaction to what we are doing!! It was a great afternoon

We are yet to receive the final donation figure, and are very thankful to Manningham Council for their time and donations.


  1. That is great Mel! you are a real champion getting so involved and motivated for your family and others. Very proud, Bron

  2. Great to hear Melissa! Nothing like getting more awareness about WHS!

    If you want, once you get your logo sorted, if you have a flyer/poster and you would like me to put some at Westmead for you, let me know? x

  3. Fantastic!! That is just so awesome. I am so excited about what you are doing! Just awesome xoxo

  4. That is so great to hear Mel! Keep all the updates coming.

  5. Praying and hoping for a donation that will make a difference

  6. Ellie you are just adorable, my daughter 5 year old daughter saw you on the news and looked at me and said mum isent she just beautiful, ellie you are so gifted to have beautiful dedicated parents mwaaaaa