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It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just some updates

Been a quiet week or so. At the start of the week we went to Ellies private physio session, and we discussed starting hydrotherapy with Ellie. So the plan is to wait for the weather to be consistently warmer and then we will start. I am really looking forward to this as it is just another way of helping Ellie, but hopefully she finds it fun. I know I will!!

At the start of the week Ellie also had a couple of small seizures, they were not big ones. But the second one really had an effect on her. For about 2 hours before she had the second seizure she was upset, agitated, clingy etc. It thought she may be teething so I gave her panadol, but this didnt help. However after Ellie had lunch, whilst still in the high chair she had a seizure, not massive, but it did go for at least 5 minutes on and off... I really think this was why she was not herself that morning.. Poor thing!!

After speaking to her neuro we have put up one of her medications as her weight has increased slightly, She has had a few small funny moments since this increase, so fingers and toes crossed this controls them.

An update on 4P AUSSIE KIDZ: we are hoping to have our draft logos presented to us next week. So hopefully I will be able to share the final draft soon. We are also in the process of putting together what we want on the website


  1. I am so sure Ellie will lurve Hydrotherapy!

    So frustrating seizures are! I hate the fact that our kids have to live with theirs for life, while some other kids luckily grow out off them. Hope the increase helps keep them stable.

    How exciting about your logos! Cant wait to see them!

  2. Sorry to hear about the seizures :(. Hydro is lots of fun. Ryley has always loved the water.

    Can't wait to see the logos!


  3. How fun to do hydrotherapy! Good luck with your logos!