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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CPEC initial assessment

Today Luke, Ellie and I had a appointment at CPEC where Ellie will be starting in term 1. This appointment was for the therapists to hear about Ellies history, see what she can and cant do, and for Luke and I to set some formal goals that we want to work with Ellie on.

The goals we want to start with are:
- Leg strength for weight bearing
- Trunk strength for sitting
- Working on 4 point kneeling, which Ellie is trying really really hard to do
- Communication techniques. Including signing and communication picture books
- Independant self drinking/feeding
- Working on sensory issues with Ellie

It was a very interesting appointment, we gave them alot of information and they also gave us a ton too. Luke & I spent most of the time talking to 1 therapist whilst the others did some floor work and play with Ellie to see where she is up to. They also video'd Ellie so they have a record of what she can do, and they re-visit this quite often to record her progress.

Ellie was pretty exhausted at the end of the meeting, which lasted 2 hours. The plan now is that we will go back mid February for a orientation morning. This is another very important session for parents only, where we will receive our Family Services Plan, and objectives for Ellie. It will also be a helpful and useful information session about the service and we will get to meet other parents in the group.

Then Ellie starts on the 23 February!!!!

I walked away from this appointment very excited about what this year brings for Ellie.

Ellie amazes us every day with how far she has come and I can only imagine that she will continue to blow us away with what she can achieve.


  1. They are some great goals Melissa! Sounds like Ellie is going to get a great service at CPEC.

  2. How exciting! I'm so happy that the meeting went well. This program sounds wonderful.

  3. By the way, I LOVE the top blog picture.

  4. Excellent!!! We have our Uncle Bob's appointment today...very much looking forward to it!

  5. What wonderful goals! (Love her new pictures! She is so beautiful!!)