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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Update on Ellies hearing

A few weeks ago I posted about another hearing test that Ellie had done, to check her hearingafter the grommits were inserted. The ABR still showed that Ellie had a mild -moderatehearing loss. For over 1 year now Ellie has been using a bone conductor hearing aid. This is inserted into a head band.

Yes... I see more of a response when she wears this, but.... its not the easiest thing to use. As it is in a head band on her head, if she rolls or moves, it can come move around the wrong way or come off....

Today we had an appointment with Australian Hearing and the paediatric audiologist asked what I thought of the bone conductor hearing aid, and how often Ellie wore it. To be honest, she wears it for about 1-2 hours a day. Which I dont think is enough, but as I said if she is rolling around on the floor it doesnt work properly.

The audiologist suggested that we get some small hearing aids fitted for Ellie. She suggested the Phonak Nios Micro III . These sit behind Ellies ears. They are quite small, and are fitted to Ellies ears, so they should stay in alot better than the bone conductor one. We also get to choose what colour we want. (of course we have chosen pale pink)

I am excited about this, as Ellie does respond more with the hearing aid on, and this is only going to help her in the long run if she can wear hearing aids for a larger part of the day.

So today they took a earmould impression, and we go back on the 21 June for Ellie to be fitted. They will also follow up with 2 hearing tests middle and end of July, & then probably look at seeing Ellie every 2-3 months to assess her hearing, the hearind aids, and ensure they are working in the correct manner.


  1. Sorry to hear the ABR confirmed her hearing loss.

    The new hearing aids sound great. I bet you cant wait for 21st June!

  2. fantastic news cant wait till she gets them

  3. What colour have you chosen for her hearing aids?

  4. Hey Melissa.
    Fun days ahead with hearing aids. We are up for our yearly ABR this summer. Ivey has been pulling her aids out just for the fun of it recently. You know I am part of the MAPS website too - but wanted to let you know a little more about Ivey and if you aren't already aware let you in on some more information that I have that can now be helpful for Ellie. Obviously - Ivey has both a combined vision and hearing loss. With that, there are some teaching techniques might come in handy for you. There are now some other resources that you might be able to access now too. Email me if you will and I'll send stuff your way. There is a special program here that Ivey has access to having the dual sensory loss. You might have something similar there.

  5. I just read over my comment- wow. You would think that I never took an English class in my life. I should really read over comments before I post them!

  6. Sweet little ELlie. I am so excited for her to get those hearing aids. I know they will work great. Keep us posted.

  7. Oh wow that is great news, the hearing aids will do wonders for her I am sure! Jasmine has worn hearing aids since she was 5 months old (yes the cute pink ones) and they can be VERY annoying, just to warn you, lol. When they are not in the right way they ring or make this weird noise, so when they are rolling around on the floor or lying their head on the floor or leaning their head against the back of a chair or carseat etc. they ring/ make noise!! Yes its nice because it lets you know they are not in right (which means they are not hearing right), but it is very annoying fixing them ALL the time at that age, lol. I found that when Jasmine was still rolling I used them most when she was either sitting up playing or in the bumbo seat where her head wasn't resting on something! Anyways if you have any questions please feel free to ask me!!

  8. I am excited for her! My daughter, now almost age 4, has worn hearing aids since she was 6 months old. She wears them all the time, except in the bath and when she is sleeping, and does very well. I hope Ellie like them too!