Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Been a while..

Its been a while since my last post.
We have just been caught up in that whirlwind called 'LIFE'. All is ok, just busy.

Ellie started back at CPEC this week and she found it hard going back, hopefully it wont take too long for her to settle back into the program.

Today when I put her to bed in the afternoon, she was pretty upset.. when I went in to check her she was 'sitting' up in bed. This was a first!!!! This meant that we had to drop the cot, so her matress was lower. I didnt want to even see if she could try to get out.

Ellie has also been having some funny moments lately. By funny moments I mean, I think it is some sort of small seizure activity. She has these moments where her eyes roll back, then close and she does funny things with her mouth. They are happening more frequently and when they do happen, it happens about 3 - 5 times. Just going to keep an eye on this and call her neurologist if it continues.

Today Ellie was at Bayside SDS. I love it when I pick Ellie up from here. She is smiling, laughing... its like she is telling me she has had a fun day.

Here are some new pics... Enjoy!!


  1. Ok. I LOVE the post. LOVE the pictures. and LOVE the sitting. Just what I needed to pick me up. LOVE.

  2. How cool to find her sitting up in her cot aswell!

    Sorry to hear about the seizure activity.

    You know this already but I just love that last photo of you and Ellie x

  3. Melissa You are such a super duper mum!!

  4. I love that she was sitting up in bed. Good idea to lower it because you know she would be getting out of it! Way to go Ellie!!

    Adorable pictures. She is so beautiful!

  5. You go, Ellie! Show Momma how strong you are. As for the seizure activity...I hope that is not what it is, but if so, hopefully there is a way to keep them under control. Awesome pictures~ she is changing and growing so fast!! xo