Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


250 what you say?? 250 is just a number...

How can it mean so much?
How can it have such an effect?
How can it make our little family 'smile'

Because 250 stands for the 250gr that Ellie put on since her last weigh in last week!!!!!!!!

Ellie has been loosing weight for about 7 weeks now... And in her whole 20 months of her life, Ellie has never put that much weight on in only 1 week.

Yes, we are happy!!

What have we done different..?? Not a great deal. To be honest we were very surprised. The only thing different is 2 things. Ellie has had 1 extra bottle for the last 5 days, because she has wanted it.

The second thing which we have only just started 2 days ago, is going back to giving Ellie all pureed food, so no chunkc, no textures, just smooth food.. So last night for dinner she had butter, cream and cheese covered potato bake, & then tonight she had pumpkin + potato bake... all pureed... and then followed with custard and milk. A speech therapist we saw this week recomened this as she feels Ellie finds it hard to get food and drink down, and yes that includes custard and milk, so we need to make it as easy as possible for her

I still find it hard to beleive that Ellie has put on 250gr in 1 week, and dont actually know where that fat is hiding... maybe in her toes... I actually told the health centre nurse that if today Ellie had put on even 50gr I would have walked out with my head held high and a smile on my dial.. Imagine my 'grin' as I walked out after hearing her massive weight gain

Tonight I am cooking Ellie a caserole in butter, beef stock etc that we can puree and mix with other food. It smells DEVINE!!

Another weigh in 1 week... stay tuned...


  1. WoooHoooo!!! Go Ellie!! Love it when I hear one of our WHS kids has put on a heap of weight!
    Thanks for the reminder about the run too. I better get organised hey?!

  2. Oh Wow! I am SOOOOO happy for you! I know how nerve-wracking those weigh-ins can be. If Google did my math correctly (yes, I am mathematiclaly challenged, which is why I teach English), that is almost 9 oz in a week! Keep it up, Ellie!

  3. HOORAY!! I wish I was that happy when I gain some weight :) Way to go Ellie!

  4. Check under husbands'll find the extra weigh there! Seriously that's great news Mel! Have you tried pureed zucchini? Odd you may think but all my kids loved it!

  5. Mel, THIS IS SO EXCITING. I havent been commenting lately with all that is going on but I have been checking in regularly and I am so happy to hear about Ellie's progress and the upcoming Run and all that is going on in your lives. Love ya.