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Monday, April 12, 2010

Deaf school appointment

I Blogged a while ago about wanting to try sign language with Ellie, as we are aware that many kids with WHS are non-verbal. I suppose we are just trying to be proactive in case Ellie doesnt talk. However now it is even more important to try and bring a different form of communication into Ellies world other than talking as even after having the grommits Ellie still has a hearing loss at about 40-50 db (this is classified as a mild-moderate hearing loss)

A couple of months ago I met with some people from a deaf school in regards to what is available for Ellie and me wanting to work on forms of communication with Ellie. Today we met again, and they answered some more of my questions. I also got taught a few signs, such as Mum, Dad, Food, Drink and Play... so I am hoping to give these a go starting from tomorrow... I am intrigued as to how this will go and very hopeful that Ellie learns some of these... I would love for her to be able to commuicate with us. Im sure it would make her life alot easier.

This week we also have Physio, Speech therapy, and a weight check.

P.s Update on last weeks weight check. Ellie lost weight again. I was sceptical about the previous weeks weight check as it was on a different set of scales. Heres hoping weight gain comes soon!!


  1. Hope the signing goes well with Ellie, I am sure she will surprise you how quickly she picks it up.

    Sorry to hear she lost weight last week, really have everything crossed this week she has gained or at the very least is stable.

  2. Hoping that Ellie will gain her weight again... I'm also interested in learning the sign language especially for simple words...

  3. Oh I'm excited about the signing possibilities! Good luck!

  4. Just found your blog. I am really enjoying it (in fact, I want to put you on my blog list so I can continue to follow you!) The photos of your daughter literally took my breath away. She is absolutely gorgeous. Breathtakingly beautiful.

    My daughter (age 3 1/2) is deaf/hard-of-hearing. She is talking now, but signed primarily for quite a while. What really got her going were the Signing Time DVDs. You can go to their website to check them out (if you haven't already)...we own the whole set, and they taught her (and us!) literally hundreds of signs. It helped us immensely with communication.

  5. Hi Sugar, thank you for lyour beautifull commnets and etting us know how much you are enjoying Ellies blog. Please continue to follow us and Ellies story.

    I havent actually heard of the signing time DVDs so I will have to check them out... Thankyou! We are always searching for new things that will help us and Ellie, so thanks!!

    Does your daughter have a blog?

    Take care, chat soon : )

  6. Yes, I have a blog (about my daughter, and just my life in general). It's

    Here is the link to Signing Time. I highly recommend getting #1, and seeing what you think. If you and Ellie like them get more. They build on each other, so it's best to start with the beginning. They have theme DVDS (farm signs, eating signs, etc) and the way she does them really engages the kids---use of songs, real kids, and cartoons. My daughter is still obsessed, so much so that I had to buy the cds of the songs to play in the car for her. The creator, Rachel, has an interesting story of her own that you can read about on the site (her oldest daughter is deaf, her youngest has CP).