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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A bit of a break... and also supporting a good cause

This weekend Luke and I had a weekend away, while Ellie stayed with my parents. It was 3 nights away, which meant 3 sleep ins. YIPPEE!!!

The weekend away resulted from wanting to support a charity through some new people we have met recently. The charity is called 'Charity2Charity'

Charity2Charity help families by raising funds to assist with the shortfall between government funding and actual costs for specialised equipment, funds raised also go to providing families in desperate need some much deserved respite. They also work on raising awareness in the comunity of the associated costs and challenges of raising a child with a disability.

What an amazing weekend we had, we had another couple of friends come along and support Charity2Charity. The 2 boys played golf in some dreadful weather on an amazing course. The night was filled with great food, good company, auctions, and of course a few drinks... all of the proceeds going to a great cause.

Charity2Charity have decided to assist in purchasing Ellie a much needed standing frame. We have had one on loan for about 4 weeks now, but unfortunately we had to give this back last week.

We truly are appreciative of all the support out there, this is shown not only in Charity2Charitys generosity to us by assisting with the purchase of Ellies standing frame, but also the support and generosity of people getting behind the "Run for Ellie" which will be held on the 9 May 2010.

These couple of things is what is really motivating me to start a charity to assist families with children with WHS. (This has been a dream of mine for the last year)

There are alot of charitys out there, I know that... But my aim is to bring awareness to the community about WHS specifically. Awareness, which I hope in turn will help raise funds to assist these families with any equipment, therapy or aid that they may require. Things that will help these kids reach their best possible potential.

Luke asked me what I would call the charity.... my thinking cap is on, but would also be open to suggestions.

Now with my feet up on a Sunday morning... I am looking forward getting my princess back home..


  1. Melissa,

    What a wonderful organization! I am so happy for you and Ellie that she will get her own standing frame. I know that a few of the parents in our fb group are also talking about organizing a charity just for WHS support; Lauren was telling me about it yesterday. We should all put our heads together and come up with something fabulous to help one another-- as well as others we don't know yet-- who are dealing with a WHS diagnosis. So happy that you also found some time to get a weekend away; I do not know if Mark and I will ever have that opportunity-- at least not anytime soon.

    Much love. xo

  2. Thanks goodness for charities like this one! So glad Ellie will soon have her own standing frame!