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It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

And then there were TWO eyes

The moment finally arrived where Ellie had her first glass eye put in. I had mixed emotions leading up to this day, as I had many thoughts going through my mind.... Will I like how Ellie looks? What if I dont? etc... I have to admit I was very very impressed with the work that the occularist did to match the glass eye to Ellies eye colour of her left eye. He did an amazing job.

If I was to be honest, when I first saw Ellie with the glass eye in, I was a bit taken back.

This may be bard for some of you to understand.... but I really, really did get used to Ellie only having 1 eye, that was Ellie to me. So to see her with a glass eye, was and still is a bit strange. Its not that I dont like it, I do, but to me she now looks different, I just need to get used to it. For those that read my last post, when I talked about how people stare at Ellie and make comments.... I also wonder how will this change how they look and what they say? Will they make more comments?

I think the hard part is that the glass eye is about half the size of her other eye, as this is where we have to start, you cannot put a glass eye in straight away that is the same size as her left eye. It is a gradual process. As Ellie grows she will get a bigger one, they are planning to put a larger one in, in about 6 months.

As they say slow and steady wins the race.... Ellie has a long race ahead of her, But I am sure she will win


  1. Oh wow! She still looks as beautiful as EVER! How awesome. I know the eye is small and I cannot see it super well in the picture but it does look like a great match. She is such a cutie!!! Love it!

  2. Ellie looks beautiful, as always. She is such a strong little girl and it is amazing to watch her change and develop every day. This is another building block in the life of Ellie.

  3. What a huge step for Ellie and you guys! As Lauren and Hannah have said, she looks so beautiful. What does she think of it all? It is such an amazing process really. I just want to hug her! The look on her face in this pic just shows she is wise beyond her years. With or without her eye, she is just gorgeous! I hope you guys are both doing well with the change!! xxxx

  4. Hi Mel and Luke,
    The medical professionals are amazing in what they can do for children and Ellie looks stronger and beautiful in each photo you put onto the blog. I know life can get tough emotionally with inconsiderate people, It is only natural for you to feel those emotions. Have a lovely and safe Christmas. Our thoughts and love. xx Sam and Ben

  5. Thanks Anna, we are doing really well with the change now.. we have now taken the patch off permanently and Ellie isnt too fussed by it. We just need to make sure she doesnt rub it out. But she is ok with it all... she is a trooper..!!

    Thanks Ben and Sam for your comments, we really appreciate it... wishing you guys a great christmas too x