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Monday, December 7, 2009

Photos after Ellies Eye expander has been removed

Here are some photos of after Ellies surgery today. Today they removed the eye expander and took a mould of her newly created socket. What you cant see in the photos is that behind the patch Ellies right eye socket is actually open,  this is a good sign, and hopefully means that it will open quite well once the prosthetic eye goes in.

Ellie did really well after the anaesthetic, and was very quickly back to herself. Tomorrow morning we have a appointment with the man that will make her prosthetic eye, he will be fitting her first eye tomorrow. To start with the eye will be white, but we are going to discuss with him tomorrow the cost involved and how long it takes to get a eye colour matched to her left eye, as I dont know how I will deal with just a white eye, as this may look a bit weird, especially if her eye lid opens straight away...

I will post some photos in the next few days of her new right eye.

With Dad before surgery

With Mum afterwards

Hiding behind Ted-E-Bear

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  1. Such a trooper! Glad things went well with the surgery.