Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hopsital visits have come routine.... some bad some good

Ellie was again in hospital all of last week. We ended up there Monday morning as her seizures were increasing and getting worse, and under her neurologists instructions we gave her a increase med dose, but Ellie got worse.

Once we were at hospital, they also found that Ellies right eye socket, (where a tissue expander was inserted 3 weeks ago) was quite badly infected. This meant 1 week on IV antibiotics, to try and get rid of this, if this didnt work then they were going to have to remove the expander. We were not to keen on this as ideally we wanted to keep it in till the 7 December, which is tomorrow, when it was scheduled to be removed.

Thank Goodness..!! The antibiotics worked. So the tissue expander is still in, and we are due to be at the Royal Childrens 7.15am tomorrow morning, where they will remove the expander and they will also take a mould of her newly created eye socket, with this mould they will create her first glass eye. So it wont be long now before we are posting photos of Ellie with a right eye.  This day has been a long time coming, and both Luke and I are very excited about this. I have gotten so used to Ellie with only 1 eye, that I do think it may take a bit to get used to her with 2. Cant wait for that day!

So last weeks visit to hospital not so good.... But tomorrows visit is exciting as it is a step closer to Ellie having 2 BEAUTIFUL Eyes....


  1. Bless Ellie's little heart! She (and you!) have been through so much lately. Please know that we are thinking about you. We pray that everything goes great tomorrow. Ellie is beautiful now, but we can't wait to see pictures in the future.

  2. So excited for your appt for the glass eye. That will be so neat to see her before and after pictures. I agree with Hannah - Ellie is so gorgeous now, but I am excited to see her with 2 eyes! It is like a surprise... the anticipation. PRaying that all goes well and also praying for NO MORE SEIZURES. YUCK!