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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grommit surgery update and MORE

Its been 3 weeks since Ellie had her grommits in. We havent noticed a drastic difference, but I think she is definately hearing more. Its bizare we call her name and she doesnt respond, but if you whistle, she laughs. Will have to wait and see...

Yesterday we saw her ENT, basically all is good, the tubes are still in, (I even got to have a look) her left ear has a very a small amount of moisure in it, so that just means drops in her ear for 10 days. I also requested a ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) which will be done at the end of March. We did a hearing test last week with Ellie, but it was the one where we sat in a booth and noises came through the speakers and Ellie was supposed to realise once she heard a noise to look right and she would see a puppet. Developmentally Ellie was not ready for this kind of hearing test, hence why I have requested the ABR. The only problem with the ABR is that Ellie has to be asleep for it. That shall be interesting!!

We are also going to schedule a EEG (Electroencephalography) this is to see if the strange things Ellie is doing (shaking head constantly & forming a half circle with her arm and moving it side to side) is seizure related. We are waiting on a date for this.

This week from our physio we received a standing frame to use with Ellie, The only problem with it is Ellies size, as she is so small, it doesnt hold her exactly as it should. However the plan is for me to use it with her for the next 2 weeks and see if we can get away with it, and in the meantime our physio is going to see if there is a smaller standing frame available. Ellie quite likes the standing frame, however only tolerates it for about 5 minutes and then gets tired, she looks quite chuffed that she is standing up. I am hoping this will really improve her overall strength.

Here are some new pics, mostly of Ellie doing some therapy work, showing off how strong she is getting..


  1. Hope Ellie's ABR test goes well and you can get a result from it. Also hope you can get some answers from her EEG when she has it.

    She looks like she is a little trooper with all her therapies.

  2. She is sitting and standing so well!! I can't believe the progress she makes in such a short amount of time. As for the ABR, Riley has had 2 of them, both when she was younger. She slept through it fine, but I know it would be much harder now to get her to sleep through it. It takes 30-45 minutes so it can be hard to keep them asleep with headphones on for that long. I know Ellie will be great with it and I pray for good results.

  3. She is SO strong! (and cute!) Wishing and hoping for continued success and good results with the upcoming tests. :)

  4. I hope that the ABR goes fine and that the results will be good. She is getting so strong. She looks very very cute in all the pictures.

  5. She is adorable! Good luck with the testing-- I hope that she is able to sleep through the test and that the results are good. I love the pictures-- especially the one of her holding the beads. A total girly-girl! :-)

  6. Mel she looks amazing!! She's grown so much!!

  7. Ellie is amazing! One more test being passed through, you are really my idol Melissa, your strength and patience... i'm thinking of you!