Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sick again.... but looking forward to a holiday

Ellie unfortunately has caught the 'cold' that is going around... however even though she was a bit under the weather on Sunday and Monday all she could do is laugh... so she still had good spirits...

We had physio this morning which Ellie did brilliantly in, she was happy to sit for 3o seconds or more and look from left to right whilst doing this, she was also happpy to do tummy time and be up on her arms.... all this whilst a bit sick. We also have a new 'lecky' standing frame which we are trialling, this supports her bum and hips alot better so we are going to use this over the next month and see if this is the right one for her. We want one that supports her, but not too much as we also want it to make her work.

This afternoon she is a bit more under the weather, she is very congested, and when in bed she just coughs & coughs & coughs to the point where she throws up... poor thing...

BUT... on the UP side, the 3 of us are off to Newcastle tomorrow for almost a week to see Lukes family, so we are very excited about that!! Lets hope Ellie can kick this cold sooner rather than latter

Alot of the WHS kiddies seem to be sickly at the moment, heres hoping the are back to their normal selves soon.


  1. Hope Ellie gets better soon and you all have a great time in Newcastle. Travel safe xx

  2. Get better quick! Have a great trip!