Being happy doesnt mean that everything is perfect.

It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Definition: The act of frustrating; disappointment; defeat; as the frustrations of ones designs

Today I am frustrated. Frustrated at a few things;
1. Frustrated that Ellie wont drink milk out of her bottle
2: Frustrated that Ellie wont drink water out of her bottle
3: Frustrated that no one can suggest a sippy cup for kids with cleft palates, in other words, none of these fancy no- leak ones that requires a huge amount of suck (as Ellie cannot do this)
4: Frustrated that I cannot get a simple answer from the genetics place about a simple question
5: Frustrated that when I try give Ellie a drink in public, and she puts on the biggest performance and screams, that I get the worst look from a elderly couple.... I felt like SCREAMING you come over here and you try give it to her
6. Frustrated that we were up early this morning for OT and Ellie didnt want to do a single thing

Its strange when you get frustrated at one thing all of a sudden everything frustrates you, even the things that normally dont.

Defeat.... I will succeed tomorrow, if not then, the next day


  1. you are a strong mom Mel! i bet you are! you will succeed anyway... i'm always thinking of you!

  2. sorry Mel... muammar is my first son. he just using my lappy and up there is his userID

  3. The cup we are using for Riley is called a Nursin Smart cup. It has a straw top but the cup is silicone so if you squeeze it, liquid comes out. Riley can't suck through the straw yet, but she loves this cup. You control the flow since its a squeeze cup. Maybe something to try. Hope you have a better day.

  4. Mel - sorry that it has been a furstrating day! Hope tomorrow is better. And Norrah sometimes rages when I give her a bottle too. But I learned that if I give her something to hold like my cell phone or a small toy to keep her mind off of the bottle she will suck away. TRICK HER! Ha.

  5. Ha! It ususally is like that, pne thing goes frustratingly wrong and somehow everything else seems to follow suit.

    Hang in there Mel!

    The OT that i spoke with said that there is something that looks like a "retainer" that can be placed inside the mouth to seal off the opening for the cleft prior to corrective surgery being done. She used a spcifc term but i forgot it. WIll folow up with her and i'll let you know. I will also ask the craniofacial team about it when we meet end of March. This might be an idea for Ellie too.

    Good suggestions from the other mommies too... i will be getting my fair share of all these mommy challenges soon.

  6. I hear you. I definately know frustration and I am sorry. With regards to the cup situation - Dylan's cleft palate has been repaired but he still has a pretty weak suck and I use a regular sippy cup with him but I take out the stopper so that the liquid just pours out of the holes in the spout. Of course this defeats the purpose of the "sippy cup's" no spill feature but Dylan is able to drink with no problems this way. I hope this helps and hang in there. :)

  7. Life is full of frustrations with a child with special needs sadly. Thinking of you lots and hope tomorrow is a bit better.