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It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grommit surgery success!!!

YAY!!! 9 months after the first attempt to put grommits in Ellies ears, we finally have success...The first attempt wasnt succesful as Ellies ears were too small.

My fear all week was that she was going to have bad seizures and this would prevent the surgery going ahead. As this is what has prevented it happening the last 3 times.

The surgeon said that the surgery went well, but it was the hardest set of tubes he has ever done, he said he has never seen such small ear canals. But he got them in. He also said that when they suctioned the fluid out of her ears, there was a massive amount that came out, and it almost blocked his suction machine.

So with saying that our Little Ellie, should be hearing much better in the next few days or so. We need to go back for a review of the surgery in 3 weeks and then some time after that we will organise a hearing test.

In recovery we got to pick a balloon for Ellie and of course we picked pink. It came attached with a gorgeous seal teddy bear... Ellie however was more fascinated with the balloon, she has never really paid much attention to them, but she couldnt take her eyes off it, and kept tugging on the string.

Back home now, Ellie is recovering in bed.. so time to put my feet up and have a coffee... Mmmmm


  1. SOO glad to hear surgery was a success. No matter how minor or major surgery is, it is always scary. Glad to hear Ellie did well. She is adorable with the balloon!

  2. Yea! So glad it was a success! Funny you say that about very small ear canals - we get that comment too with Norrah.

    Ellie looks adorable recovering!

  3. So happy to hear all went well (this time) with her tubes. They do work wonders those things! I hope she is hearing much better in the coming days-weeks.

  4. I'm so happy that surgery was successful and that Ellie is recovering well. My daughter Isabella is also up for surgery this April. Draining the fluid in her ears will definitely help her hear better.

  5. Ellie is really a little warrior! I know she'll be fine. God's bless will always be with her...

  6. So glad that the ear tubes were a success. Dylan also had tubes placed when they repaired his palate back in December and the doc also told us that his canals are very very small. Keep up all the good work Ellie!